v1.0 Implementation

Pleo wishes to inform that v1.0 release is now available in Production as of 21st of January 2022.

  • We are deprecating CompanyId, it's no longer an obligatory field in the API calls
  • Old tokens, generated before the 21th of January will be live until 31st of January 2022. Please remember to renew your tokens before this date
  • Paths having /account-categories were changed to have /account-groups instead
  • Response from GET /companies/:companyId/account-categories, GET /account-categories, GET /account-groups was changed to have 'accountGroups' instead of 'accountCategories'
  • The new domain URL is now https://openapi.pleo.io/v1
  • Response from GET /v1/account-categories/{accountCategoryId}, GET /v1/account-groups/{accountCategoryId} were updated to include 'accounts' in success response