OAuth client configuration

Configuring your application to work with Pleo authorization server

After registering the OAuth client, configure it using the information provided below.

Authorization Endpoint{AUTHORIZATION_SERVER_URL}/oauth/authorize
Token Endpoint{AUTHORIZATION_SERVER_URL}/oauth/token
Grant TypeAuthorization code grant, with PKCE extension.
Client CredentialsClient identifier and client secret of your client.
Client AuthenticationOnly client_secret_basic client authentication method is supported.
Redirect URIURI of a redirection endpoint used by your client.
PKCERequired, if supported by the client. Only S256 code challenge method is supported.

Exact mapping between these parameters, and the configuration options provided by OAuth client implementation, depend on the choice of the the software. Consult the documentation provided by your chosen implementation of OAuth client.

Authorization server URL

When configuring authorization and token endpoints, substitute {AUTHORIZATION_SERVER_URL} with the base URL of the authorization server in the environment that you’re developing for.

EnvironmentAuthorization Server URL