The export API is meant to address the export needs of our customers that use accounting systems that are not catered for out of the box by Pleo. This API allows developers implement exports towards accounting systems of their choice leveraging spend information kept by Pleo for our customers.

This API is geared towards 3rd party integration partners and developers wishing to export Pleo spend data into an accounting system of their choice.

Some of the key features and benefits of this API include:

  • Management of export jobs
  • Aggregation of spend data into exportable data items with information geared towards complete and transparent bookkeeping
  • Transparency and audit on export activity for our customers

Integration guide

The Pleo Accounting Integration Guide provides more guidance on how to build an integration between Pleo and an accounting system.

How to call the endpoints

Append the version to the environment URL then the endpoint URL, e.g.:

{env url}/{version}/{endpoint} -->

Rate Limits

The APIs have a rate limit of 600/min