Frequently asked questions on the Open API

What do I need to get started?

  • An active token
  • A developer

Where do I activate the token?

Make sure you are an admin on the Pleo account and go to your account Settings -> Open API and Create a token there.

How do I integrate with my accounting system?

What we can help with here is to get all the necessary information out of Pleo but cannot assist with specific integration requests. You may want to contact the relevant accounting system to help you with the set up.

What's an easy way to test an API call?

You can use the simple interface that we have in our documentation, as en example you can:

  1. Select the GET expenses for a company
  2. Enter any specific parameters you want to filter your result by
  3. Enter your Bearer token
  4. Click Try It!

You will see the results of your query in the response field.


How do I use Postman?

You can make an easy call by copying and pasting the url from the documentation, for example a GET request https://openapi.pleo.io/v1/expenses.

Then enter your Authorisation Bearer token and click Send.


What are the results of the API call?

You can see the correct results in the 200 response of each endpoint listed under Pleo.io API.